Docomo is the largest network operator in Japan, has the largest number of users, the number of stores is almost everywhere – available at most large and small stations in Japan. This carrier’s wave is also considered the strongest wave among the carriers.


  • Registration is simple, the only requirement is that a visa is valid for 3 months or more (Train visa, International student, Engineer, Special Skill, Family visa, Refugee .. can be registered).
  • The signal is extremely good, covers almost everywhere and rarely loses connection.
  • Allow to buy phone with attractive price, visa with validity of more than 14 months can register to buy the latest installment machine.
  • Recently, docomo launched a new package called Ahamo, which is very preeminent. For 2,700 yen (tax included) 20GB of high-speed internet and 4,500 yen (tax included) 100GB of high-speed internet. After running out of high-speed internet capacity, the network switches back to 1Mbs and still can watch Youtube, Tiktok and surf Facebook quite comfortably. In particular, for the Ahamo package, the first 5 minutes of each call will be free, very useful for those of you who often have to make short calls with colleagues in the company, …


  • Large coverage means that if used in crowded places and in big cities, large commercial centers, .. may be more prone to network congestion than other small carriers.


  1. AU

Au is the number two network operator in Japan with frequent and attractive promotions.


  • The service quality is good, the service policies are clear, making it easy for subscribers to understand and visualize.
  • Packages are quite cheap for a major carrier.
  • There are also many shops, almost everywhere in Japan, easy to find and register.


  • Internship visa registration is not allowed (when you bring your Intern visa to register, you will receive a deposit of 5 man and installment purchase services, .. are not allowed). For student visa, you must have more than 8 months to apply.



Softbank is the third largest network operator in Japan, although the number of customers is not as many as the two above, but in terms of cash and popularity, Softbank is still No.


  • Customer service is very good.
  • The price is quite cheap, there are many packages to choose from.
  • Having Sim data with cheap price is very convenient to use.


  • The store does not have as many as the above two carriers.
  • The trainee visa cannot register to buy a phone at this carrier.

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