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bookkeeping for s corp

In this article, we’ll explore what bookkeepers do, why they’re important to a business, and how you can get started in this role. Invoice your clients and accept payments automatically to speed up the cash collection process. Your business may post dozens of accounting transactions each week. And if you make a mistake, you’ll be able to correct it much faster. Managers need accurate data to increase sales, manage costs, and to oversee cash flow. Using basic bookkeeping principles, you can post and access information that managers need to make decisions.

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These records are crucial for establishing each shareholder’s percentage of ownership in the company. The tax basis for S corps represents the total of the stock basis and loan basis (also referred to as the debt basis). For example, if you invest $20,000 in the corporation (receiving stock) and also loan the company $5,000, your tax basis is $25,000. The tax basis is then increased by certain pass-through items, i.e. net income, and then decreased by other pass-through items, i.e. losses and deductions. S-corporation shareholder-employees are required to receive a reasonable salary, which is generally defined as at least what other businesses would pay someone in that role for similar services.


Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. The good news is that you do not have to figure it all out on your own! The Xendoo team is more than happy to help you determine your reasonable salary. Paying yourself a salary that is too low (or none at all) can draw scrutiny from the IRS, as it is considered an attempt to avoid paying self-employment taxes.

  • Its longevity is not dependent on shareholders, whether they depart or stay, thus making it relatively easy to do business and look at long-term goals and growth.
  • Accounting software makes it possible to do much of this on your own, though you may decide to outsource some basic bookkeeping tasks to an online bookkeeping service as your small business grows.
  • By reporting income here, S corporation shareholders avoid double taxation.
  • Both S corp and C corp businesses have a shareholder basis, also sometimes called a stock and debt basis.
  • On your Schedule E, you’ll include $12,000 in the current tax year’s ordinary business loss, with $9,750 as your allowable ordinary business loss and $2,250 as the suspended ordinary business loss.

A qualified employee-owner is a writer, photographer, or artist who owns, with certain members of his or her family, substantially all the stock of the corporation. These expenses do not include expenses related bookkeeping for s corp to printing, photographic plates, motion picture films, video tapes, or similar items. You must keep records for each separate department or class of goods carrying different percentages of gross profit.

Advantages of S Corporations

Regular board and shareholder meetings must also be held, minutes recorded, decisions noted, and business records kept accurately and up to date. Sole proprietors must also adhere to these rules, even if they are the S corp’s only board member and employee. How one should incorporate really depends on the nature, size, and goals of the business in question.

bookkeeping for s corp

If you have a small business, you may wish to remain as a sole proprietor who makes all their own business decisions and keeps all net profits. If you are a freelancer or contractor, however, neglecting to organize under some type of business structure could put your personal assets at risk—if, say, a client decides to sue you. Generally speaking, a C Corp – named for its inclusion in subchapter “C” of the IRS code – is an independent legal entity, owned by its shareholders, that has unlimited growth potential. You can adopt and use this practice on the first tax return you file for the business, subject to IRS approval on examination of your tax return.

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