1. Luxury design – Dynamic Island is class

The first iPhone 14 Pro review point is in terms of the overall design of this product. The design of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro is not too different from its predecessor, 13 Pro. On the back of the device is still a large camera cluster placed in a square module, slightly larger in size.

If only looking at the overall on the back of the device, it will be difficult to distinguish the two lines 14 Pro and 13 Pro. On the other hand, if you look at the overall screen front of the two products, you will see a clear difference. The notch on the previous 13 product lines has disappeared and is replaced by a perforated tablet design, which Apple has called Dynamic Island.

Chiếc máy này có kích thước là 147.357×71.37×7.87mm, cùng với trọng lượng là 206 gram. Tổng thể chiếc iPhone 14 Pro này vẫn có một kích thước nhỏ gọn, trọng lượng vừa phải, đem đến cảm giác cầm nắm rất vừa vặn, chắc tay.

  1. iPhone 14 Pro has a sharp, high-brightness screen – new Always On Display

This year’s iPhone 14 Pro has improved a lot compared to its predecessor, especially in terms of more accurate color reproduction. The screen still uses the  120Hz refresh rate like its predecessor, but has been upgraded to reduce the adaptability to an impressive 1Hz. This is one of the keys to optimizing the screen of Apple’s latest  Always On Display  screen this year.

This year’s iPhone 14 Pro, really brought an extremely satisfying experience to the best ever. This phone not only serves the needs of entertainment, watching movies, surfing the web, but also ensures top-notch game graphics quality.

  1. Camera upgraded to 48 MP super

First, we have to evaluate the iPhone 14 Pro about the camera that has been upgraded to 48MP. This year, the iPhone 14 phone is still equipped with a cluster of 3 rear cameras, with a main wide lens, an ultra-wide angle and a 3x zoom telephoto lens. This year’s main lens has a wider focal length at  26mm, while the telephoto camera on its predecessors is only 24mm.

The main camera cluster of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro has been upgraded to  48MP. Although increased resolution does not necessarily mean better photos, this is also an impressive change over the years for the Apple family.

In general, the photo quality on this year’s iPhone 14 Pro series is nothing to criticize, overall photos are very honest, detailed, and bright.

  1. Very nice upgraded night mode

Next will be a review of the iPhone 14 Pro about the extremely upgraded photography mode. After launching a series of iPhone 11 products in 2019, with night mode brings brighter photos, better colors. Then 3 years later, Apple has returned to the iPhone 14 Pro with an upgraded night mode, much better than its predecessor.

  1. The wide-angle camera on the iPhone 14 Pro is too good

The iPhone 14 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle camera is also impressively upgraded with a new sensor Ultrawide camera. This is a brand new sensor with more focus pixels, along with an aperture of  f/2.2. With this upgrade, the wide-angle camera of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro has the ability to capture wide-angle with sharp image quality in every detail.

In addition, the sensor combined with the  Photonic Engine, also helps to improve image quality better in many different situations. Detailed images and videos on this wide-angle lens, although not too sharp, are still guaranteed to bring attractive image quality.

  1. 3X optical zoom Tele camera upgraded to Photonic Engine

Next is the 3x optical zoom telephoto camera, which is basically the same lens as the predecessor iPhone 13 Pro. But this lens has had a slight change when it was upgraded to the  Photonic Engine. In good lighting conditions, the telephoto lens will produce better image details than the 13 Pro series. More specifically, the color and ability to handle skin color are extremely realistic and attractive.

  1. The selfie camera on iPhone 14 Pro handles skin tones better

Finally, it is impossible to ignore the evaluation of iPhone 14 Pro about the quality of photos taken on the selfie camera. The  Truedepth  camera of this year’s iPhone 14 series has been upgraded with an aperture of  f/1.9, allowing more light in.

This year’s iPhone 14 Pro is also the first iPhone to be upgraded with an autofocus camera. This simultaneous autofocus will be extremely impressive when taking group selfies.

  1. Capturing amazing 4k videos

In addition to caring about the quality of photos taken, professional video recording is also of equal interest to users. This year, capturing the market trend, iPhone 14 Pro has been upgraded to look much better in video quality.

Apple has equipped with  Cinematic Mode  to be able to record in 4K at  24 frames per second. In addition, there is a new tool, which helps to stabilize the image in the video, also known as  Action Mode. When you record a video you can turn this on, the footage when you move keeps extremely high stability. If you’re shooting in 4K, this Action Mode will automatically reduce the resolution to 2.8K.

  1. Apple A16 Bionic on iPhone 14 Pro is super powerful

Evaluate iPhone 14 Pro in terms of performance power with the extremely powerful new chip Apple A16 Bionic . This chip is one of the most powerful high-end chip lines on the market of Apple’s current home.

Apple A16 Bionic has been equipped with a CPU capable of 10% faster processing  than its predecessor, providing  50% more memory bandwidth. The scores that this iPhone 14 Pro achieved in the Geekbench 5 test, 3DMark, Adobe Premiere Rush, etc., the phone seems to be the leader in all tests when compared to a few competitors and 13 Pro predecessor series.

After evaluating the iPhone 14 Pro in an overview, it can be seen that this year’s 14 Pro is a super product worth owning in 2022. This phone is currently a device that has been upgraded with many of the latest camera features. , Dynamic Island screen. Along with the powerful performance power of Apple 16 Bionic chip, the latest iOS 16 operating system. Surely this machine will bring a great experience for users.

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