Information technology industry in Japan

Information technology in Japan is a rapidly growing industry. The demand for human resources to meet the Internet technology industry in Japan is currently very high.

Also, knowledge of information technology such as programming languages and networking systems. These are skills that can be used worldwide without being bound by a national framework.

This industry is expected to grow further in the future. Therefore, in order to study and develop a career in the IT industry, you need to know the following points.

  1. The demand for Information Technology in Japan is increasing

The advancement of Internet technology today can be considered the fastest in the history of human evolution. And companies around the world are on the hunt for IT talent.

In Japan, of course. Many Japanese companies are now actively training and introducing jobs for the IT industry.

  1. Less influenced by traditional views of work

In fact, less than 100 years have passed since the advent of Internet technology.

Therefore, the IT industry is characterized by the fact that the industry itself is still very new.

In Japan, there are often traditional working concepts such as lifelong employment and seniority. But in the information technology industry, this is less affected than usual.

The place often applies the latest technology from abroad. Japanese IT companies also apply the same advanced values and ways of working as in other countries. Such as pay for performance. Advancement is based on contribution to the company and management and teamwork skills.

Here, your skills and work achievements directly affect the assessment. Replace with relationships and working time. This makes the work environment fairer and more competitive.

  1. Applying knowledge and information technology around the world

Most of the programming and networking and technology knowledge required in the IT industry is common.

So this is an industry where even foreigners who are not confident in Japanese can easily get the job done.

In particular, Vietnam is one of the countries that pays great attention to building high-quality human resources in IT.

With background knowledge of IT industry information, trends and knowledge. Vietnamese human resources are very advantageous before they come to Japan.

  1. Salary of Vietnamese IT Engineer in Japan

Currently, the salary of an information technology engineer depends on many factors. Which depends mainly on each receiving enterprise. The level of work that will be different. Usually, the average engineer salary is over 40 million a month.

The average monthly income of an IT engineer to Japan is about  180,000 – 250,000 yen, equivalent to about VND 36 – 53 million.

The salary of information technology engineers has this difference depending on Japanese language proficiency, experience and professional capacity. For engineers who are fluent in Japanese, the salary can be up to  30 man/month, even much higher.

  1. Actively recruiting due to labor shortage

It can be said that IT companies in Japan have a clear shortage of labor compared to other industries.

First of all, there are a lot of companies in Japan that are short of workers in general. But the IT industry is affected by the rapid development of the industry, and the shortage of domestic workers.

Therefore, the IT industry is one of the industries where many companies are willing to recruit and train new employees.

And this is an extremely good opportunity for those of you who want to study and work in Japan.

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